Anti dripping felt metal roofing sheet and rolling forming machine

Anti dripping felt metal roofing sheet is also named as anti-condensation roof tile is an anti-condensation material that combines a new type of needle-punched polyester fiber non-woven fabric and metal sheet after a special process.

Anti dripping felt roofing sheets , where to use:
It will be used in the warehouse for protect the goods against moisture.
It will be used on farm to protect the livestock, for example when cold water drops on the hen, it will not lay eggs. If cold water on cattle, sacred cattle will not long meat.

Zhongtuo cold rolling forming machinery designs a series rolling forming machines for making anti dripping felt metal roofing sheet either in coil or metal roofing sheets. Now let me us check more details about the anti dripping felt metal roofing sheets.

What is Anti dripping felt metal roofing sheet?

Anti dripping felt metal roofing sheet is also named as anti-condensation roof tile is an anti-condensation material that combines a new type of needle-punched polyester fiber non-woven fabric and metal sheet after a special process. Our Zhongtuo machine combines condensation felt and metal materials through a special process to produce a new type of anti-condensation, heat insulation, noise reduction and corrosion resistance building materials, which can be applied to the construction of roofs and exterior walls. To a certain extent, it can replace thermal insulation materials, with a service life of 20 years, reducing engineering costs, and easy fire protection.

Where to use:

Farm buildings : warehouses for dry products and machinery, stables. Industrial sheds, uninsulated workshops. Shed, garages, storage depots…

  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Warehouse & Commercial Applications
  • Assembly & Educational Facilities
  • Aircraft Hangars & Garages
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Canopies and Awnings
  • Steel Frame & Pole Barn Structures

What it can benefit you and features of anti dripping felt metal roofing sheet:

  • Improves acoustical insulation and easy to use.
  • Factory Applied
  • Resistant to Ripping or Tearing
  • Easily washed by hose or pressure washer
  • Saves time over traditional installation
  • Bacteria resistance
  • Easy to install, cost-saving, high water absorption
  • Product value-added, versatile
  • Good technical support
  • Effective corrosion
  • Improved fire safety level
  • Avoid the growth of mold
  • Save money: Compared with traditional solutions,Up to 75%
  • Save construction time: no need to install under the color steel plate
  • Install thermal insulation materials, install and use directly at one time

Causes of condensation, climate regions, and the impact of condensation on buildings As the temperature rises, water vapor also rises rapidly.


It can replace insulation panels and dehumidifiers to protect roof systems and buildings from condensation.

Reasons of condensation and why we need to use Anti dripping felt metal roofing sheet:

How many types Anti dripping felt metal roofing sheets Zhongtuo supply:

Zhongtuo machinery supplies the felt PPGI coil, anti-drip sheets and the machines to do the rolling forming and hot filming machines, so we can customize any type profiles according to your drawing. Actual same like other metal roofing sheets profiles. Here are some drawing profiles for your reference:

How many type filming Zhongtuo machinery can supply:

Zhongtuo machinery supplies two type filming for PPGI and other types filming.

Option A: Self-adhesive thin polyester felt light gray colour, captures condensation that appears

under the metal roof during rolling forming. This is the most common in the market. But as the dehydration is not so environmental friendly, so we designed Option B.

1. 1mm anti-condensation felt 100gsm felt for roof material


Option B: Hot pressing machine, no any glue, only by heating, so perfect environmentally friendly. By heating it can put two layers of PPGI and PE filming together by physical heating to make the PE filming and metal together.


Hot pressing machine for filming working flow:

Here is the machine working video for your reference:

Now we check what kind PE filming available?

2. Cross-linked polvethvlene Foamed Sheet, there are lots of color available.



For the nanomembrane we have many types according to different functions:

  1. Sun protection, heat insulation, reflected light:The surface temperature can be reduced by less than 20 degrees when the sun is exposed in summer, and the indoor temperature of the workshop can be reduced by 6-12 degrees.
  2. Water resistanceand leak repairing anti-rust, anti-rain and acid, anti-corrosion, UV protection
  3. Prevent roof aging, prolong the service life of colored steel tile factory building for more than 10 years, and have beautiful appearance. After the construction is completed, you can still move on the roof.
  4. Effectively keep out the sound of rain, especially the steel frame workshop roof.
  5. No need to replace the colored steel tile roof rust vulnerability.
  6. Cold resistance, minus 40 degrees will not be affected, and the outer aluminum layer is fireproof and flame retardant.

The scope of application:

Generally applicable to steel frame workshop roof and other buildings top insulation, water resistance and leak repairing, sound insulation, rust prevention, damage repair, aging renovation: it is currently a relatively high-quality insulation water resistance and leak repairing material. After installation, when exposed to the sun in summer, the indoor temperature can be reduced by 30%-40%, and the higher the temperature, the greater the cooling.


Our hot filming machine also allows you to do the PE filming and nanomembrane filming together. And the film or felt thickness is optional.

As to the roofing sheets rolling forming machine, we can customize the machine according to customer drawing profiles. Zhongtuo cold roofing sheet machines can be used either to make the PPGI with felt and without felt both. Here are some working videos of hot filming pressing for your reference:

If you need to know more information, please contact us at any time.

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